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AT TAM Energy we ARE committed to providing Renewable Energy to people around the world. Our Long term corporate goal is to be the leader of the global movement for new clean energy. This is an opportunity to provide Energy to people and locations that have never experienced the opportunities of electrical power or renewable power. This will allow us to bring the 21st century to locations around the world to enhance their lives as well as help our planet.

TAM Energy utilizes its strength in construction and engineering to develop and design solutions that enable cost effective, renewable energy for new construction, facility upgrades, while presenting energy conservation to assist with efforst to conserve.

At TAM Energy, we approach each project efforts a unique and unrivaled commitment to Excellence in energy savings performance contracting. Our goal is to assist clients areas by identifying Energy Conservation Measures that result in guaranteed savings and providing a new source of energy to those without. TAM Energy provides a turnkey solution to each facility that starts with education of the Comprehensive Opportunity to Renewable Energy…CORE.

This approach has allowed TAM Energy to develop an impeccable reputation in the industry. Our commitment is based upon the simple values of providing the best service and product with quality and integrity. TAM Energy is headquartered in New York City, New York from where the developments of its products are controlled, with the primary assembly plant in Charleston, South Carolina.

TAM Energy has now released a complete series of innovative renewable energy solutions and more solutions are on the way.

4280 Pace Street. Charleston, SC 29405 | Phone: 843.972.0660

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