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All About TAM Lighting

TAM Energy uses the latest in lighting technology in both Tubular and standard bulbs.  Compact Fluorescent Lights and now moving towards High power LED Bulbs which utilizes the latest LED technology. These are the surface mount type or SMD LEDs.

Small as they are, they generate high heat which must be dissipated or moved away from the LED in order for the LED to live the expected life time of 50,000 hours. To do that, most manufacturers have incorporated an aluminum body with fins to increase the total area that the heat can escape to and be dissipated.

The higher the operating current, the higher the heat loads to be dissipated. That means more fins, or thinner and longer fins are required. In the case of one newly developed design, the LED bulb incorporates water to assist with the dissipation of heat.  The high powered LED bulbs will have currents of 350-700mA plus running through them. It’s a small amount compared to a standard light bulb. But, it is applied to a tiny piece no larger than 5/16" in diameter. This small section of material must take on 350-700mA which is huge for its size. This why so much heat is generated from so little electricity. There is no place for the current to go back to or to run to.

View Angle. The high powered LED bulbs are offered within 10° to 60° and wider beam width or view angle of the LED. The total volume of light between a 20 degree view angle and a 60 degree view angle LED bulb is the same. But, the concentration of light with a narrower 20 degree view angle LED bulb makes them seem brighter because it comes from a smaller space. The wider view angle LED bulb will appear less bright and that is because the same light volume has been spread wide. There is minimal light spread outside of the stated view angle.

Color Temperature.
White LED bulbs will be at 6000k plus (may have a bluish tint).
Daylight White LED bulbs will between 5000k and 5500k.
Cool White LED bulbs will be between 4200k and 4500k Color Temperature.
Warm white LED bulbs will be between 2800k and 3300k Color Temperature.
The larger the number, the colder or bluer tint to the light will be visible.

Most of these high powered LED bulbs will operate on dual voltage - 85vac to 260vac making them universally applicable anywhere in the world.

MR16 type LED bulbs fit into two very small diameter holes in a flat socket spaced about 5cm apart. They will not fit into any other size MR socket. The same applies to the MR11 LED bulbs, or other type MR bulb.

The high powered LED bulbs are listed with the watts that the LED is rated to consume. That changes a bit as the electronics also require power and affect the actual watts consumed. But in general, they do not amount to much more than 1 watt total. With that said, we will also state the beam width or LED view angle, how many lumens and watts of light are generated from these high powered LED bulbs.

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